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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you'll find helpful information regarding our services, pricing and design processes. If your question isn't answered here, please dont hesitate to contact us!

1.) How much does a website cost ?

Web design is a comprehensive and multi-layered process, with more moving parts than many people are aware of.

A successful website must cater to both your clients needs, wants and market demands, whilst also providing flawless reliability if it is to produce a positive ROI for your company.

A professional web design agency will work hard to understand your business goals, your client needs, and your market conditions, employing this data to produce innovative solutions to your business challenges, and memorable experiences for your users.

We offer 3 comprehensive "turn-key" website packages, designed with sole traders and small businesses in mind:

- The Startup Package - $1,999 or $399 per month
- The Enterprise Package - $2,999 or $599 per month
- The e-Commerce Package - $3,499 or $799 per month

Our monthly pricing option allows you to pay a simple monthly fee for your website services, instead of an upfront lump sum. Think of it as a mobile phone plan, for your entire business!

We also offer custom mobile and web development, Android and iOS app development, and a wide range of other services. Please visit out website packages page for more pricing information.

2.) Are there any ongoing costs ?

In short, yes, but we keep these to an absolute minimum to allow you to focus your budgets on making your clients happy!

The primary ongoing costs for any website are:
- Web hosting
- Website maintenance & updates
- Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, e-mail marketing)

Some Perth web design agencies charge crazy fees to host and maintain your website, but that's just not our style.
We keep it simple by rolling your hosting and monthly webite maintenance and updates into one simple monthly package, starting from just $29.99/ month.

Let us keep your website safe, speedy, and running smooth 24/7, while you focus on growing your business!

Of course, you are also free to host your website through any 3rd party hosting provider of your choosing.

3.) How does your pricing work?

For all website packages, we offer two easy payment options:

- One-time payment
Project fee is split over 2 milestones:
50% at project start / 50% at project handover.

- Pay-By-The Month
Pay a simple, all-inclusive monthly rate for your website services, just like your phone plan! Monthly fee is charged throughout the life of the website. However unlike your phone contract, you're free to cancel anytime! No lock-in contracts, no strings attached!
Our monthly hosting & maintenance packages are included free in all pay-monthly plans!

And if you'd like to take your website elsewhere? No problemo! So long as you've paid the equivelant cost of the one-time payment for your site, it's all yours, no strings attached!

4.) How does the web design process work?

As a leading Perth web design agency, we have refined our design & development process to guarantee efficiency, and value for money to our valued clients.

1.) Consultation
All projects begin with an initial consultation, where we discuss your website requirements, and agree on the specifications and budget for your project. We then generate a contract and project timeline.

2.) Prototyping
Once contracts are signed and project deposit is received, our expert UI team goes straight to work on the prototype designs for your new project! These take from 3 - 7 days, depending on the complexity of your project. we then present these to you, gather your feedback and make any changes or revisions you would like.

3.) Design & Development
Once our designs are approved by you, our expert developers go to work, crafting the visual and functional masterpiece that is your future website! Design and development generally takes from 5 - 21 days, depending on the complexty of your project.

4.) Testing and Quality Control
We now unveil your (almost) finished project to you! We'll provide you access to your page on our private development server, so you can see the site in action before we launch! Our quality-assurance team will thoroughly test and audit your new website to ensure a flawless experience for your users.

5.) Deployment
Last, but not least, it's time to launch your new business and take over the world! Your developer will now transfer your new website to the live domain, and you're officially open for business! Best of all, you never need to worry about website maintenance or security headaches because we've got your back. Our monthly hosting plans include security, maintenance and updates... Leave the tech stuff to us!

5.) Who do you work with ?

As a trusted Perth web design studio, we specialize in working with sole traders, start-ups and small businesses to develop incredible user experiences and positive ROI's. If you're fun, friendly and forward-thinking, we're a great fit !

We proudly serve clients from a diverse range of industries, both at home in Perth and worldwide!

Our team has successfully managed and delivered projects for clients from Norway to New Zealand, and everywhere in-between!

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